Website Design & Building

What is design to MCS?

Website design is more than Aesthetics

It’s more than just making a page look nice.

User experience is incredibly important. We work with you (or your client directly) to determine visitor intent and ensure the site is set up for customer conversion.

The end result becomes a beautiful and engaging website that walks potential customers easily through the steps from learning about your product or service to ordering, signing up, or logging in.

We also work in responsive environments when we design, ensuring mobile and tablet-sized functionality for potential customers visiting on the go.

Website design Services

New Website Design

Whether your client is just starting out or growing into a whole new level of business, we are here to help establish a unique online presence. Your client's new website will emphasize professionalism and build trust with customers.

Website Reconstruction

If your client already has a website but isn't seeing traffic or conversions, it may be time for a redesign. We can take existing content and give it an overhaul, from general appearance through customer journey.

Website Enrichment

If all your client needs is a few quick image changes and some text updates, our enhancement packages may be the perfect fit. We offer hourly rates as well as monthly retainer options that take these tasks off your plate.

Project Management

Our white label services can work two ways.

1. You work directly with YOUR client and tell us what they want in a website, acting as a liaison between us and them. We will give you our process docs, and you present them as yours.
2. We manage the entire website design and build process for you AS YOUR DESIGN TEAM. We're fully white label. You can give us a company email address, and we will play the part.

Maintenance & Support

If you want to offer your client ongoing maintenance, support, and content updates, MCS can do that for you. We offer both hourly and monthly support. Hourly support generally addresses issues as they come up or can be used to post new content and make quick changes. Monthly support includes core WordPress updates, theme & plugin updates, daily backups, additional security measures, and prevent unwanted complications before they happen. Monthly retainers can also include content updates.


Writing enough content to fill your entire website may sound like some form of ancient torture to you. But you don't have to worry. With some guidance from you, we will take care of all of it for you AND optimize it for Google and other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Also called SEO, this step is how we set you up to get found on Google and other search engines. While true search engine optimization is an long-haul, on-going service, we set a strong foundation while we're designing and building your site for discovery online.

Education & Guidance

No, we are NOT business coaches. However, we work with LOTS of new and growing businesses, and we have learned a thing or two about establishing a new online presence or growing one to the next level, and we are happy to share what we know.


Website Building Is Problem Solving

Designing and building a website are two separate parts of a whole. Designing is more than aesthetics, as we mention on our design page, and building is where we take the blueprint we create with you and your client and start laying the foundation and putting up structure. 

If your client needs a membership site that integrates with eCommerce and subscriptions and email drip campaigns that release class content, we build out that process with you. 

If you create new ads every quarter and need new landing pages with separate and specific, multi-step forms, we build that out with you. 

If your client needs a custom portfolio to showcase previous work in a niche industry, we build that out with you. 

Building Processes & Add-Ons


Selling online isn't as complicated as it used to be, but there are processes involved in setting up a web store. Whether your client is selling physical products, digital downloads, or a mix of the two, we can help you set up that process.

Membership Portals

It's becoming more and more common for business owners to create payment-based gateways for access to content they've created or communities they've nurtured, and we can help you build those out.

Custom Content Types

Sometimes the solution is something you haven't seen before, and that's exciting! We've helped businesses develop completely new processes and ways to present themselves that set them apart from the rest.

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What Clients Say About Us

There’s nothing we can say that will fully convince you that we are a great company and valuable resource, so we will let our clients do it!

I couldn't figure out what it was about my old website that kept it from looking as professional as my competitors. Merrill Creative gave it an overhaul and added a wow factor that makes it better than all the rest.

    Ben T

    Owner - Hiking Website

    We white label all of our website design through Merrill Creative because we know they will deliver on time and on budget every time. They are great to work with and have processes in place that make the process easy.

      Richard W

      Owner - Marketing Agency

      I've worked with Merrill Creative Solutions for three years now on several events, and the sites have always been exactly what I needed, and I've needed complex stuff! They have made things work time and time again.


        Event Coordinator

        We had some tricky requirements for our site that made finding someone to build it difficult. We needed someone who could problem solve and research how to integrate a specific shipper into our website and workflow. MCS nailed it.


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