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MCS exists because our team has done just about all of the digital marketing THINGS and decided we love the website building part best. 

We’ve also figured out that there are other marketing folks like us who want to serve lots of people but who also only REALLY like certain parts of the whole process. 

We’ve met lots of PPC and Google Ads folks who love keyword research and analysis but hate building the landing pages.

Lots of SEO specialists who love finding longtail keywords and optimizing content but don’t have time to design around the content.

Lots of social media gurus who build beautiful grids and generate TONS of engagement but don’t want to learn yet another platform and design an entire website. 

That ALL makes sense. We all have a lane we LOVE. For us, it’s building websites.

But what makes us unique is that we’ve done all of those other parts before, and we know how to build sites that convert visitors and support your efforts in driving the traffic to that final destination. 

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We are a small but powerful core team with some incredible freelancers and partners who just haven’t given us their headshots yet. We will introduce them when they’re ready. 

Michelle Merrill

Michelle Merrill

Online Presence Strategist

Michelle has a degree in English and has written copious amounts of business-to-business content over the years. She been designing websites for over 20 years. She's a hobbit at heart and is always down for second breakfast.

Ben Team

Ben Team

Content Creator

Ben has written content across myriad industries and subjects, and enjoys learning new things as often as possible... like pterodactyls aren't dinosaurs. Actually, it was Michelle who learned that recently, but Ben is the one who taught her.

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

Graphic Designer

Steve is a strong graphic designer with out-of-the-box ideas.

Work with MCS And Focus on What You Do Best

Our greatest accomplishments are projects we’ve worked on with businesses just like yours. Tell us what we can create for your clients, and we will make it happen.

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